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Goat Gestation Chart

Month Bred Dry off Month Date Due Fresh
July October Dec. minus 3 Days
August November Jan. minus 3 Days
September December Feb. minus 3 Dats
October January Mar. minus 1 Day
November February Apr. minus 1 Day
December March May minus 1 Day
January April June minus 1 Day
February May July minus 0 days
March June Aug. minus 3 Days
April July Sept. minus 3 Days
May August Oct. minus 3 Days
June September Nov. minus 3 Days

This chart works quite accurately for most goats with the exception of Nigerian Dwarfs and Pygmys. For these two breeds you are advised to subtract another 2 days from the due date. The Dry off Month is the month that you would quit milking (Dry off) any bred doe. During the gestation period of the doe she should receive Selenium either in her feed, or in lose mineral salt containing selenium. At the time just after freshening (giving birth) the doe should be given warm water with molasses in it to replace the fluids she lost during freshening.

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