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5-29-2015  Just a final note:  My account with Saber.net will close down on June 14, so if you need to save any links from this website, now is the time to do it.  Although my primary duties are to care for my wife - I have made it a point to do a little traveling since my retirement.  I've ordered a small trailer from Safari Condo, located Quebec, Canada.  I'll pick it up in May, 2016.  Here are a couple of links about the trailer:  Safari Condo R1723 and Video.   - Bruce

5-19-2015  Escrow closed today.  Congratulations to the Gentrys, the young family that now owns Strawberry Cabin.  They remind me of our own family way back in 1991.  I wish them many happy years enjoying the special place that is Strawberry.  

My web account is paid into mid-Summer.  I may just let it run until then.  A couple of folks have expressed an interest in setting up a website, but we'll have to wait and see.  Setting up a successful website from a remote location is a major technical challenge as anyone who has tried well knows.  Although dated, here's a link to my advice: Details of how I set up this web site  Other places to check out are Weather Underground and Ambient Software.  My ISP was Saber Net  www.sabernet.com  and I used dialup.  I don't know if DSL is available up here.

Thanks and goodbye

- Bruce Agee


Sales Listing Here: Outside of Cabin  http://50cabins.com/details/south_lake_tahoe/123995/

Photos Here:   http://50cabins.com/media/south_lake_tahoe/123995/standard/&w=1600&h=870

4/10/2015  It looks like the recent snow will be melted off by mid-week.  Maybe by Wednesday, 4/15 - so that's probably when Carol will list the cabin.  I'll include a link when it's posted.  FYI, the cabin is #31 Strawberry Tract.  It's on the uphill-side of Hiway 50 (not by the river).  It is second on a road with six cabins.  The dirt road starts out steep and intimidating for 30-40 feet, but quickly levels out.  Once you get the hang of it - you can easily go up in any vehicle.  I currently own a Civic Hybrid and have no trouble getting up the road.

Even though we're not by the river - we have a nice view ot Hogsback - the big granite monolith just in front of Lover's leap.  One of my favorite things is to sit out on the deck and eat lunch - and watch the rock climbers climbing up the main routes.  They are there nearly every weekend that there isn't snow..  I watched them several times while getting the cabin ready February and March this year!

The cabin is a USFS cabin - which means you own the cabin but the public owns the land.  You lease a parcel (about 0.24 acre in my case) from the Forest Service.  Leases are NOT 99 years - they are usually 20 years and have always been renewed.  (There are many years left on the current lease).  The lease is based on an appraised value on the land - in my case the lease is currently about $1,000-1100/year.  You also pay property taxes on the structure - much like you would on a trailer home.  The Tahoe area has one of the nation's largest concentrations of Lease Cabins - with something like 1400 of them along Highway 50 and in the Tahoe basin.

Because it is not private land (a.k.a. Fee Simple) it's hard to get a loan to purchase the property - so most folks have to come up with alternate ways to raise the money.  We got a second mortgage on our home (in 1991).  Insurance can be a bit tricky - but mine is insured through State Farm.  You'd be welcome to talk to my agent if you had trouble.  My rates seem quite reasonable. Finally, the Forest Service will be your landlord - so they'll be asking you to keep the place up and have a say on major modifications.

The cabin has electricity and phone, but is otherwise quite rustic.  Water is seasonal and comes out of Rocky Canyon Creek.  It is everything a cabin should be.  We spent 2 years looking before finding this one, and this is one of the nicest we saw in many ways.  We had some wonderful times there.  In exchange for all of the 'issues' I've listed - you get a wonderful place with a lot of history.  You join a very nice group of owners - some of whom have kept their cabin in their family for nearly a century. And you save quite a bit of money over a fee-simple cabin with a similar location.  

Of course, Strawberry is a wonderful, scenic place to be - Lover's Leap reminds me of Yosemite.  You can walk along the river and hike many places.  You can ski at nearby Sierra At Tahoe, you can go down to the lake, or you can just hang out.  BTW - the two largest trees in the El Dorado National Forest are behind my cabin.

04/05/2015 The cabin has been cleaned and made ready to show.  The interior photos have been done.  I expect that the cabin will be listed in the next week.  Wouldn't you just know that after a mostly dry winter, there will be rain and snow this week?  Anyway, when I learn of the web listing - I'll include a link here.

02/21/2015  Hi Folks - The website has been down for a year and I figure that I owe you an update.  As many of you know, my wife suffers from Alzheimer's.  In fact, it was 12 years ago (at the age of 52) that she had to leave teaching and I began looking after her.  I've been her caregiver ever since.  She is now in the advanced stages, has no language and is totally dependent on me.  I retired about a year ago, but caregiver duties keep me close to home.  Since retirement I do try to take a few short trips - but the only time I come up to the cabin is to do the annual "raking of the needles".

I've decided to put the cabin up for sale and have contacted Carol Butler (50cabins.com) about listing it.  Although I plan to sell the cabin furnished, there are a lot of personal items to be removed and cleaning to be done.  My time available to do this is limited to caregiver days (my days off) and by travel time to and from the cabin.  Anyway, it's not listed, yet - and  it will be a while before it's ready to be shown.  The cabin itself is very nice, with high peaked ceilings in the living area, a granite fireplace with insert, a roomy loft that you can stand up in and more.  I'll leave it to the realtor to do the photos.

This website has been a labor of love.  I have enjoyed doing it and have received many nice complements from many of you.  I'll be leaving this website up for a while in case the new owner wants to take it over - but it seems moving everything to later versions of Windows would be a major challenge.  If you want to contact me my email is .

Here's a new WEBCAM link: Caltrans Camera at TWIN Bridges - http://www.dot.ca.gov/research/its/cctv/d03/Twin_Bridges_50.htm

Regards,  Bruce Agee


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Strawbery Cabin Weather and webcam are located in Strawberry Tract.  The website provides conditions and information about the Highway 50 corridor in the California Sierra Nevada Mountains soutwest of Lake Tahoe, Strawberry Tract, between Strawberry and Twin Bridges,South Fork American River, USFS Cabin Tracts, Nearby features include Lover's Leap, Hogsback, Horsetail Falls, Camp Sacramento, Kyburz, Silver Fork, El Dorado National Forest, ponderosa pines.  Links are provided to nearby weather sites and useful webcams in California and Nevada.  Links also for  Tahoe rock climbing, hiking, skateboard competion, and local history.  All links focus on the Highway 50 corridor and Lake Tahoe.

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